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Examples of How We Have Helped People
        with their Real Estate Challenges

A widow was still living in her house in St. Cloud, FL with extensive roof damage from
the 2004 hurricanes. She wished to sell and move up north to be near family.
We were
able to purchase her home quickly
and give her the money she needed to move.
Plus she did not have to pay to fix the roof prior to closing.

A young lady in Orlando, FL had suffered an extended hospital stay due to an
automobile accident. She fell behind on her mortgage payments.  She was told she
could not get the job promotion she applied for due to her bad credit. She thought the
only way out was to sell her house, but she did not want to move.
We were able to
lend her the money she needed
to bring her payments current by placing a second
mortgage on her home.

A divorced man in St. Cloud, FL needed to move into his parents' home to take care of
them because of their failing health. He had a $16,000 judgment lien on his home from
his ex-wife's unpaid car loan. There was no equity in the house and he knew that he
would have to come out of pocket to pay a Realtor if he listed the house.
We agreed
to buy the house
by taking over his mortgage payments. We paid all closing costs as
well as the costs of the required termite repair. We paid to get the judgment removed
from the house to clear the title. He got instant relief from his mortgage payments and
was able to spend time with his family instead of spending several months trying to get
his house sold.

A single mom in Kissimmee, FL had gone through a difficult divorce and was about to be
foreclosed on by the bank. The house needed about $10,000 in repairs in order for it to
be sold. She didn't have the money for repairs and was 6 payments behind on her
We purchased her house, paid her past due mortgage payments, gave
her $2,000 up front, and she received an additional $8,000 from us in two years when
we resold the house. Now she doesn't have to worry about having a foreclosure on her
credit report.

A couple who live in England owned a short-term rental property in Kissimmee, FL which
they were unable to rent out due to r
equired repairs. The house was scheduled  to be
auctioned on the courthouse steps in less than 1 week.
We stopped the foreclosure
sale by paying their back due payments. They no longer had the costs or the liability of
a vacant pool home.

One of our previous residents wanted to buy a home. We helped him to win the bid on
an online auction but the bank would not allow him to
wait to get his VA loan to buy the
house--they would only take cash.
We purchased the house for him, and allowed
him to get a great deal on the price of his home and give him the time he needed to get
his VA loan.

A newlywed had been approved to buy a home with bank financing. The bank changed
their mind and she was left living with family after having moved out of her apartment
expecting to move into her new house.
We sold her one of our rental properties
with owner financing
so she didn't have to go to the bank. We allowed her to use
the Homebuyer's  
$8,000 tax credit as part of her down payment after the
closing took place.